Q -      How much do you charge for travel?

Ans -    Travel is free within a 25-mile radius of Dartford. There will be a charge depending on the distance if it's outside our free travel radius..

Q -      Is a deposit required?       

 Ans -   Yes, a non-refundable £100 is required to secure your photo booth hire date.

Q -      How long does the booth take to set up?

 Ans -   It can take us anywhere from 60 minutes to set up, we will arrive on site at least one hour before your hire time is due to start, this time is included and is not counted as part of your run time. Please inform your venue of our attendance and provide access for unloading and setting up.

Q -   What are your photo booth requirements for an event?

 Ans -  An 8ft by 8ft space is the minium space requirement for our booths in order for a smooth operation. Access to an electric switch socket of 13amp dedicated to the both.

Q -  Does the booth have an attendant?

 Ans -  Yes, we always have a member of staff who will attend your event to take care of everything for you. We know you're hiring a booth from us, but we want to make sure you have a stress free event hence why you will get a complete service by hiring yourmomentphotobooth. Our friendly and professional booth attendant will engage with your guest when they visit the booth to make it fun for them, our attendant will also encourage your guests to leave a comment in your guest book (if it's included with your package) that will be given to you before we leave your event. 


Q -    Can children use the photo booth?

 Ans -   Of course they can we don't like to exclude anyone from our photo booth. We ask that their parent/guardian accompany them to the booth for supervision whilst they use the photo booth.

Q -  How many prints do we get included in the price?

 Ans -  Our packages include unlimited visit from your guests to the booth for the duration of your hire, the number of prints is dependqant on your guests and

how much they use the booth. The booth tends to hold about 50 sessions per hour and this is dependant on the speed at which your guests operates. We

offer different packages for prints (one or two prints per visit) based on the package you go for and should incase the printing paper runs out, our attendant

will be able to load a new set and keep the service going.

Q -  Can we have coloured or black and white prints?

 Ans -  That's entirely up to your guests. Our photo booths are capable of producing colour or black & white prints so we don't need to set the booth up for one or the other. All the user has to do is press the button of their choice and the photo booth will take care of the rest.

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